Decentralized Bond Token on Waves Blockchain

BillionBond is digital assets backed by Waves Blockchain.BillionBond is open source and decentralized Bond tokens to issue corporate, industrilial sector’s wealth bonds. BillionBond can send, receive, trade, invest in Gold ,Silver and Diamond and more. BillionBond can be trade with cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Waves ). Its based on peer-to-peer and secure transactions with waves.

BillionBond supply is only 10 XBB Tokens and its non re-issuable tokens.

Asset ID : DbMjZG6DXZiqnkq56tj8qbVNgwy7kixeBAAtkYySxW8r
Waves Contract ID : 3P5asJHjX5r7a31Sjz74RUAyY2dhSVz8Gty

Forked by : Waves